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Londoners look to Cambridge and Bishop's Stortford for a leafy suburb

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

As we entered lockdown enquiries ceased and everything went very quiet in the property market however we have good news we at Wardsmith, Cambridge & Bishop's Stortford are very much seeing the green shoots with property enquiries continuously rising.

A distinct demand is building for homes outside London, with Londoners searching for properties in the outer counties as they search for somewhere greener. Another reason could be that we have all had the opportunity to prove how effective working from home is. With many company's now realising that they don't need traditional office spaces, and can use Zoom for example for daily meetings and hire a meeting room for team meetings when required, thus saving money on office space as well as time and money on travel.

This demand was recently reported in ES Homes and Property:

London facing post-lockdown exodus: home buyer web traffic suggests city dwellers are planning to move to the country en masse

There has also been an increase in online valuation requests indicating that after a number of weeks working from home, people are reassessing the suitability of their current property and starting to think about life after lockdown.

Overall the general consensus is that buyers post lockdown will look to move to well-connected cosmopolitan cities and towns and their outer lying villages with gardens being a main priority but they will also need to have access to sufficient amenities to allow them to work from home more often. So the future is bright for the Camrbidge & Bishop's Stortford areas as we have lots of lovely well connected properties with outdoor space.

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