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Find out how we can get 8% more for your home

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I am consistently asked if all the Cambridge & Bishop's Stortford new build estates are going to have an impact on local homes. They definitely provide more choice, but there is a big benefit too, as the new build developers ‘Lifestyle’ marketing drives more people to the area, thus increasing the number of potential buyers.

Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you make the most of this opportunity by presenting your home to its optimum on Rightmove and OnTheMarket, the key online platforms. The photos used on these sites can make or break a sale. The key to these photos is Home Staging which has been successfully used in the U.S and Australia for many years.

According to research, documented by, houses sell faster when they have been Home Staged. Not only that, the research showed that houses that have been Home Staged also sell for an average 8% more than one that is not.

With this is mind these are our top 10 tips to get you started:

1.     Clean top to bottom: time for the marigolds! Or why not get in the professionals

2.     Declutter: clear all floors and surfaces, even neatly organise cupboards in case buyers take a sneaky peak

3.     Flooring: ensure carpets are clean and floorboards don’t squeak, if necessary consider re- varnishing exposed floorboards

4.     Refresh your walls: with sophisticated neutrals that make a home look well put together.

5.     Windows: clean and repair, and then treat them like a picture using the curtains as a frame, for example small windows look bigger with long curtains, also make sure they are then pulled right back.

6.     Decorations: a few strategically placed pictures, ornaments or a mirror can enhance the ambiance of a room. Remove the majority of personal photos so buyers can imagine themselves living in your home.

7.     Beds: make them look inviting, neat and tidy, with fresh neutral bed linen, puffed pillows and a cushion or two

8.     Don’t neglect the garden, cut the grass, weed the borders, pot some plants, sweep the patio and put the furniture out

9.     Furniture: position it to create the most of the room

10.  Make your house perfect, but lived in: with a cookery book open on the side at a delicious recipe, fresh flowers on the table, a bowl of green apples

Contact Zoe to have a chat about our services and why Wardsmith in Cambridge & Bishop's Stortford are different   01223 902300 / 01279 510300 

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