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Looking to sell in Cambridge or Bishop's Stortford

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Before you do, have you considered making a few simple changes to add value and marketability?

This does not need to involve months and a massive outlay. Some of the simplest projects that take just a few minutes can make a huge difference. So, to help you, here are some top tips:

Start with the basics

First and foremost, make sure it’s clean and tidy inside and out. First impressions really do count and untidy entrance or overgrown garden can put prospective buyers off before they even get inside the property.

Clean and fresh and smelling fresh is key too so get rid off marks and scuffs and unwanted smells.

It is key that you are your worst critic…Does the paintwork look shabby? Are the carpets worn? Are any of the furniture or appliances damaged? You want the property to look cared for. Small changes like that can instantly make the property more appealing. And, also give a prospective buyer confidence that you have looked after the property.

Once the small jobs are complete then, it’s time to look at the larger improvement projects.

Replacing doors throughout can give the home a new feel, even though there are no other structural changes. If you don’t want to change the doors themselves, replacing the hardware – handles and locks – and repainting will show improvements.

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom should be major areas of focus as they add the most amount of saleability to a property excluding an extension. Transforming the kitchen with an on trend one will instantly add sparkle to your home - replace or refurbish worktops, kitchen cabinets and small fixtures like taps or cabinet knobs, replace any out-of-date appliances with energy-efficient models, and replace the flooring. In the bathroom, retiling walls and surrounds helps give a cleaner, fresher appearance. Look out for chipped surfaces on baths and basins and replace any leaking taps or other fittings. If the bathroom doesn’t have a shower, consider fitting one if space allows. Showers use less water than baths and are seen as more convenient. As a minimum place a shower over the bath.

Consider structural changes

If you are planning to sell over the longer term, you can consider larger-scale structural changes. A loft conversion, for example, can provide an additional bedroom, a space for recreation or the now all-important spacious office. You may also see opportunities to remodel existing spaces to improve the flow of your home.

Creating a kitchen diner from two existing rooms is a popular conversion or adding an en-suite to a larger bedroom. A simple enclosed porch at the front door is a useful addition, especially since the increase in home deliveries and having a somewhere secure and dry to place them.

If time and budget allow, a larger extension that adds an extra bedroom or additional downstairs rooms can create a home that would prove more attractive to growing families. Don’t forget, to make sure all the necessary permissions and paperwork are obtained as without them it can hinder and delay a sale.

Wardsmith & co. can help with your upgrade

Whether you are a landlord or homeowner, you have a lot of options for upgrading your property to add value. The route you choose will depend on your budget and the return you believe will result.

Wardsmith & co. can advise on the prices or rent levels that the types of property you plan could achieve. We also have a team of professional tradespeople who can help you with your project.

We’re proud to be able to offer this service to local residents even if you are not an existing client. All of our tradesmen are vetted and insured.

If you would like to find out more about this service, or would like to arrange a FREE property valuation then please give us a call on 01223 902300 / 01279 510300

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